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Heart Health comes first

Be a friend to your heart. It has only you.

"We would save far more people if they knew how to save themselves."

Dr. Kate Ball, British Royal Society of Cardiology

All about Heart Health Check (less than 2 minutes watching and listening)

elderly woman with morning migraine

All heart problems do not always come with clear warning signs. You are probably wondering if something goes wrong with your heart

doctor measuring heart rate to younger patient

Our heart is controlled by a very impressive system. At the top of the heart muscle, a signal is produced that travels

various food for lowering high cholesterol

Keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy prevents many serious diseases and increases longevity. There is no life without cholesterol and triglycerides,

a man having a heart attack

A heart attack is a phenomenon that can happen to anyone and can greatly endanger or interrupt someone’s life. It is associated

healthy family and healthy heart illustration

The heart never breaks. It works non-stop and pumps blood, which travels through blood vessels and transports nutrients to all cells in

blood vessels illustration

The human circulatory system is extremely complex. The network of capillaries, blood vessels, and arteries serves to carry blood full of oxygen

healthy weight loss illustration

It is normal to have body fat. They protect our organs and store the necessary energy. However, too much body fat puts

female doctor holding advanced fat burner weight loss supplement

When we are obese, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood destroy the health of the heart, as well as

blood pressure medications

Only 30 to 50% of people with high blood pressure take medication regularly, and in the first year after prescribing medication for

a nurse measuring pulse to patient

It is a smart habit to periodically check your own heart rate in the old-fashioned but quite efficient and easy way –

The best 10 Heart Health tips (less than 4 minutes watching and listening)

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