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All heart problems do not always come with clear warning signs. You are probably wondering if something goes wrong with your heart

Our heart is controlled by a very impressive system. At the top of the heart muscle, a signal is produced that travels

Keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy prevents many serious diseases and increases longevity. There is no life without cholesterol and triglycerides,

A heart attack is a phenomenon that can happen to anyone and can greatly endanger or interrupt someone’s life. It is associated

The heart never breaks. It works non-stop and pumps blood, which travels through blood vessels and transports nutrients to all cells in

The human circulatory system is extremely complex. The network of capillaries, blood vessels, and arteries serves to carry blood full of oxygen

When we are obese, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood destroy the health of the heart, as well as

As soon as not enough blood is transported through the body, there is probably some blockage in the arteries that prevents the

The return of the patient to an active life also depends on the severity of the infarction. In most patients, complete recovery

With the help of blood pressure, blood flows through the blood vessels to all organ systems in the human body. Red fluid

Preventing the disease is always a better option than waiting for it to occur, and then starting treatment. This rule applies to

Every year, about 5 million people in the World die from this disease, and out of 15 million people who survive, every

Stroke or brain stroke is the third most common cause of death in modern society, which very often causes severe complications and

Organic chemical compounds that are an integral part of the human body and are ingested daily with food of animal or plant

This extremely widespread disease takes the form of a serious epidemic and is one of the most common metabolic disorders in the

As we know, cholesterol is one of the most common aspects of heart health. People today adhere to different diets and their

Regular blood pressure checking is very important because it can reveal health disorders that we may not even be aware of. This

High blood pressure is a disease that is often called a “silent killer” because it proceeds without symptoms that would warn of

High blood pressure or hypertension belongs to the group of five main high-risk factors for developing heart and blood vessel diseases. According

One of the leading culprits that internists, cardiologists, and vascular surgeons have their hands full, is precisely this terrible disease. Numerous medical

There is no doubt that obesity is one of the most common and dangerous enemies of heart health and one of the

Once it is definitively established, it needs to be treated with appropriate medications, diet, or changing lifestyle habits. Insufficient treatment poses a

Harmful factors that can decisively influence the appearance of a disease are called risk factors. The person with whom you acquire, of

Minerals and vitamins play a key role in preventing high blood pressure, as well as in taking care of heart health and

“We would save far more people if they knew how to save themselves” – said Dr. Kate Ball, a member of the

As nutrition is thought to play a major role in the development of high blood pressure, scientists and creators of specialized nutrition

By definition, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease. Long ago,