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Blood pressure and therapy – don’t skip it!

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Only 30 to 50% of people with high blood pressure take medication regularly, and in the first year after prescribing medication for high fat, about half of them stop taking it.

In the text that follows, we reveal some very interesting facts about blood pressure and therapy, as well as how important it is not to avoid it because in that way you simply risk your life.

What is the current situation with cardiovascular diseases?

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Recently, some European countries have recorded a significant reduction in mortality from heart and blood vessel diseases. In these countries, mortality from malignant tumors has outpaced mortality from cardiovascular disease.

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In the last 10 years, there has been a slight decrease in mortality from cardiovascular diseases all over the world, but they are still, not to mention the most important, but very important cause of death.

We will now list some very interesting and realistic facts and numbers:

  • We must be aware that our heart suffers from bad habits.
  • Nearly half of the world’s population has high blood pressure, and 13% of the population has high cholesterol.
  • Only 50% of the population eats fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Only 11% of people are physically active.
  • 35% of the population smokes, and passive exposure to tobacco smoke is also extremely high.

Young people also have bad blood vessels

a man worried about high blood pressure therapy

Changes in blood vessels in young people are classified as “early” atherosclerosis.

In 2016, bad blood vessels were responsible for as many as 52% of all deaths in the world. It is estimated that more than 50 thousand people die from these diseases every year, ie about 6 people every hour.

At the heart of cardiovascular diseases lies the process of atherosclerosis, the incorporation of fat deposits into the wall of a blood vessel.  It is an aging process and it is to be expected, for example, that a person aged, say, 80 years old has atherosclerosis of blood vessels. However, under the influence of various factors, this process leads to changes in the blood vessels of younger people, leading to the appearance of “early” atherosclerosis.

50% of diseases can be prevented

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Cardiologists point out that the fact that an increasing number of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases belong to the age group of 45 to 65 is especially worrying. It is estimated that virtually 80% of deaths and 50% of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented by controlling several major risk factors: smoking, physical inactivity, and improper diet.

However, according to world data, the devastating fact is that only 4.3% of those who have already had cardiovascular disease, begin to change all these 3 above-mentioned risk factors. The situation is even worse with those people who have not had a previous illness.

Similarly, only 30 to 50% of patients regularly take medication for high blood pressure, and in the first year after prescribing appropriate medication and therapy for elevated levels of fats and triglycerides in the blood, as many as 50% of patients stop taking them while in the second half only 25% the patient is taking therapy, cardiologists warn of this data.

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