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Healthy weight loss delivered 🥇

Cooking Healthy Is Complicated, Eating Healthy Is Easy

Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve a health condition, or fuel your fitness, this healthy eating plans and programs will work for you

Make It Your Own

Select a plan that works for your dietary preferences and your schedule.

* 150 delicious chef-prepared meals that are ready to eat in 5 minutes or less.

* Healthy-eating, diabetes-friendly, gluten-free, and menopause-friendly weight loss plans.

* EATS snack program (Essential and Tasty Snacks) for accelerating your weight loss.

Why Bistro MD?

✅ Effortless science-based weight loss program

✅ No planning, shopping, cooking

✅ Nutritionally balanced diet meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your door

✅ Customized physician-designed weight loss programs for women and men

✅ Scientifically proven healthy meal delivery plans developed by Dr. Cederquist to target fat

✅ Individualized support along every step of your diet delivery journey to success


Our Speciality


Over 150 doctor-designed Chef-Prepared Meals

what our customer say



Chris Willis

“I was on medication for high blood pressure, suffered from frequent acid reflux, gout and it was also painful on my joints when I tried to work out. Eating healthy was enjoyable, but most importantly, convenient. My blood pressure has dropped, I no longer suffer from gout and acid reflux, and my joints don’t ache anymore when I bike ride or run. I’m down to 200 pounds, but my goal is 190. I’ve embraced my weight loss and I’ve made this program my own.”

Watch and listen to Chris’ whole story.


Lisa Alexander

I came from a family where food is love. We are of Scandinavian descent, so any special event requires a feast. After the birth of my second child, I was up to 170 pounds. My body felt off. I was stressed out at work and eating crazy business takeout. With the extra weight, I had pain in my back and couldn’t even pick up my son, Elijah.
I was blown away by the selection of all the yummy food. I couldn’t believe I was getting to enjoy delicious food while losing weight. It seemed unreal.

Watch and listen to Lisa’s whole story.


Phil Vorderstrasse

“After just 2 or 3 weeks of using these healthy eating programs, I started feeling noticeably better. I’ve lost 100 pounds! Every morning I think about how awesome it is that I am not out of breath putting on socks anymore. I don’t hate tying my shoes or walking to my car. I couldn’t do anything before, life was just a lot harder. My goal in my new fit life is to get more into working out and to get into martial arts.”

Watch and listen to Phil’s whole story.

healthy food in packages taken out of paper bags

* Ingredients from responsible sources by selecting environmentally-responsible seafood.

* Always sourcing rBGH-free beef.

* Using hormone-free chicken per U.S. law.

* Partnering with local, family-owned farms whenever possible. 

* Tested to the FDA gluten-free standard to not contain wheat, rye, or barley

* Hand-selected the freshest ingredients artfully-prepared entrees, just for you.   

* There are no Trans fats, artificial colorings, MSG, chemical fillers, nitrates, added sulfites, or the artificial sweetener aspartame in our entrees.

woman eating healty meal

* Doctor-designed heart healthy meals

* Meals designed by a doctor with select ingredients to help with hormone changes

* No sweeteners like Aspartame

* No freeze dried

* No shelf stable

👉 Dietitians build a personalized menu

👉 Fresh ingredients with no preservatives

👉 Chef prepared meals delivered to your door


So, explore the programs and plans, and achieve life-transforming wellness