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Heart health information – facts you may not know

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By definition, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease.
Long ago, the man realized that the heart is the center of life and that it never rests. With its first beats, life begins, and with the last, the end is marked.
In this article, you will find very interesting heart health information that you may not have even known about.

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Does a long life mean good health?

Man has always wanted to improve his health. He dreamed of being stronger, more agile, and more enduring. Unfortunately, most of the time it all stayed in the imagination. Few of them managed to get rid of harmful habits. Most people are careless and live as they live, wasting neither time nor energy on what they consider unnecessary. Man’s life has been extended, but progress in that area has stopped for now. Long-life today does not mean good health.

Man age progress

Although health is written and talked about, many do not take it seriously. People quickly forget their illnesses and troubles. Living in an environment of numerous temptations, they obediently obey habits: nicotine, alcohol, physical inactivity, excessive diet – all of which can certainly be said today to be the biggest culprits for ruined human health.

To die of heart and blood vessels before the age of eighty is more of a human error than a matter of nature – is an old saying.

Today, despite the great success of science, there is still a danger of many diseases, very serious, and among them is coronary heart disease with its sometimes tragic consequences – heart attack, hypertension with dangerous complications, as well as stroke and malignant diseases.

Interesting facts about heart health

About 12 million people worldwide die from cardiovascular disease each year; this represents about a quarter of deaths from all diseases, including malignant as well as AIDS (WHO – World Health Organization).

And in most countries with good health systems, heart disease is responsible for nearly half of all deaths. And the American continent is in the red zone. The most affected regions are North America and, to a lesser extent, Latin America.

heart health facts

Modern studies show that the health of the population in Central and Eastern Europe has deteriorated dramatically in recent decades. The peak was reached during the transition period, in the 1990s, when life expectancy was six years shorter than in Western Europe. It was a period of dramatic social change, the disintegration of society, economic difficulties, and bad prospects for the future. According to those studies, the most common death was due to heart disease.

The health condition in many countries is unsatisfactory. Many people die from heart and blood vessels. Heart disease is the number one human killer, and heart attacks are increasingly affecting young people. It is a worrying fact that more and more young people, between the ages of 30 and 35, are having a heart attack. We are increasingly paying tribute to bad habits and stress.

Does the number of patients depend on the development of the country?

The link between low socioeconomic status and poor health is well known. People of low social status are exposed to stressful situations. The path from stress to illness goes in two directions: directly, through psychological mechanisms, and indirectly, through the choice of lifestyle and habits. And it is known that the lifestyle of low socio-economic status is unhealthy. In other words, they eat less healthily, smoke more, drink more alcohol, and move less.

people with different social and demographic status

Today’s achievements in the approach to diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases are of a high technological level, which is most often applicable in the treatment of patients in rich industrialized countries, which implies high prices for services.

It has been found that the number of people suffering from heart disease is slowly decreasing in highly developed countries, and increasing in underdeveloped countries, even if until recently it was considered that these diseases were related to a high standard and development of technology.

different demographics people

That was true, but only to a certain extent of development, to the point where people found many technical and chemical aids that prevent these diseases and when they began to return to the beginning – to the cause of the disease. Thus, prevention has become the most important area in cardiology (smoking ban, proper diet, moderation in alcohol, physical activity).

Doctors and tehnology

Cardiology, probably the most popular of all medical branches, has become exact thanks to computers, ultrasound, scanners, magnetic resonance imaging, isotopes, and other modern achievements. Thanks to that, medicine has managed to reduce mortality from heart attacks and other heart diseases.

Regardless of the progress of science and technology, the most important clinical approach to the patient – bedside diagnosis – is the diagnosis next to the patient’s bed.

doctors and technology

Many doctors today are obviously more tempted to deal with technical advances (non-invasive and invasive methods) in testing, through which spectacular results are more successful than dealing with the patient and his fight against the main evil and the cause of the disease. The doctor and medicine create their identity neither from themselves, nor from their knowledge and technical possibilities, but from the main task that society has entrusted to them since time immemorial: to heal, to alleviate pain and suffering, and to keep the patient alive.

doctor using new technology

The race to conquer new technological achievements, especially when it can turn into the devaluation of the patient’s suffering (drastic methods in the examination) is not advisable. One of the mottos of medical ethics is primum non nocere – not to harm the patient first. It is evil when the patient’s personality is neglected and when he is seen as the number of the patient’s bed. Contact between doctors and patients must never be formal, cold, devoid of human warmth, and hectic. The lacquer should always keep in mind the extreme sensitivity of the patient. A good doctor never expresses doubts or confusion with his behavior, and his humane attitude will be a cure in itself.

Everything about heart health and heart disease in one place

Considering that today people are more and more interested in their health, we believe that it is not enough for them to receive an oral notification in the doctor’s office, but that what they were told should be given in writing. That is why Majota HealthCare exists, and here you will find absolutely everything about the health and diseases that interest heart patients the most, as well as how the patient behaves in a given situation, we promise you that.

heart health notes

Many of the topics we will touch on our website are the answers to the questions that patients, and generally users on the Internet, most often ask. Very often these were not questions or answers that could be found in the strictly professional medical literature. Therefore, it is necessary to answer and look for explanations on the other side – disciplines related to but not always close to medicine. We will try to answer all these questions carefully in the following posts. If we succeed in that, we have achieved our goal.

That’s it!

We hope this post helped you find out some very interesting things about heart health.

We think that it would be very important for you to look at our texts about the best tips on how to save your heart, as well as what are the risk factors for coronary heart disease.

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Also, if you have any questions or think that there is some other important heart health information we have not listed, feel free to leave a comment, it will mean a lot to us and we will be grateful for it.

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