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hypotension during summer

What causes a sudden drop in blood pressure when it’s hot?

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We talk about low blood pressure when the values ​​that the digital monitor for measurement shows are lower than 100/60 mmHg and it was measured several times in an outpatient setting.

Most patients need a slightly lower dose of high blood pressure medication in summer than in winter, and those with low blood pressure need to add water and salt, as well as physical activity.

It has been proven that women between the ages of 30 and 40 suffer the most from low blood pressure, especially those who are engaged in some intellectual work.

In the text that follows, we will deal with the issues of what causes a sudden drop in blood pressure when it’s hot and what to do in such situations.

Summer and heat

It is known that people who have low blood pressure have a hard time with summer.

young female having a headache during summer

The heat causes the pressure to drop even more, so the symptoms of hypotension, such as fatigue, tiredness, and lack of energy, are further intensified.

Why is this so and what can we do to get the pressure back to normal?

In summer, under the influence of high temperatures, the reduction of blood pressure is normal and expected, because blood vessels dilate, both in healthy people and in those who have high blood pressure. Cardiovascular patients are then recommended to drink more fluids and to correct the therapy in agreement with the doctor.

Water and salt as first aid

elder woman drinking water during summer

As first aid in such situations, the best advice is to change your lifestyle, take plenty of fluids, a little more salt in your diet, increase physical activity, avoid getting out of bed suddenly, and sometimes, with a doctor’s recommendation, of course, certain therapy.

One of the possible causes of hypotension, ie low blood pressure, is an inadequate diet – skipping breakfast, fast lifestyle, insufficient fluid intake, so these are things and situations that need to be worked on first.

Also, alcohol should be avoided, because it additionally lowers blood pressure by encouraging the expulsion of fluids from the body.

An hour of walking during the day is enough

elder couple walking with their dog

Definitely, the best strategy in the fight against low blood pressure would look like this – a one-hour walk every day, climbing stairs because it strengthens the veins in the legs, and swimming as often as possible.

In addition to physical activity, care should be taken that the difference between the outside and inside temperature in the room where you are staying does not exceed six degrees and that it gradually changes when you spend some time in an air-conditioned room.

Illness or not?

There is a difference of opinion between doctors as to whether low blood pressure or hypotension is a disease at all.
Some believe that it does not leave consequences for health, and others that this disorder requires treatment and control.
However, one thing is for sure, not every symptom of low blood pressure is particularly serious, but several of them together can significantly interfere with normal functioning and reduce the quality of life.

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