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What is coronary atherosclerosis? Is there a way to cure?

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As soon as not enough blood is transported through the body, there is probably some blockage in the arteries that prevents the normal flow of this red matter, which has the role of carrying oxygen and nutrients wherever they are needed.

The structure of the arteries can change due to the action of certain factors, which leads to a fatal outcome if the disease is not treated in time. This condition is called atherosclerosis and can affect all arteries in the body, including the heart, brain, arms, legs, and kidneys.

In the text that follows, we will deal in more detail with the question of what is coronary atherosclerosis and what are the ways to cure this vicious disease.

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What is atherosclerosis?

coronary atherosclerosis illustrationThere are several different forms of arteriosclerosis. Each of them can endanger your life if you do not react in time. Fortunately, there are many drugs of completely natural origin, which will help you keep this situation under control.

Thanks to many studies and scientific research, we can more clearly understand the complex molecular mechanisms that can lead to arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

This is a type of disorder of the cardiovascular system due to the loss of softness and elasticity of the arteries.

Various forms of arteriosclerosis are the most common cause of heart attack and heart muscle disease. Lifestyle and genetics usually influence the development of diseases. Some of the “triggers” can be inflammation, obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, toxic substances…

It is interesting that, if its appearance was influenced by a genetic factor, it can be noticed even in early childhood.

Prevention is very important in this case in order to provide the patient with long and normal life, as well as a healthy heart.

Development of atherosclerosis in the human body

In a healthy person, the arteries are flexible and easily carry blood through the body. They have a reticulate, tubular structure and serve to transport blood from the heart to all parts of the body.

atherosclerotic arteries illustration

Arteriosclerosis occurs when the inner wall of the artery thickens, leaving a narrowed passage and impeding blood flow. Plaque formation is caused by the accumulation of bad cholesterol, fibrin, platelets, and other substances.

Regardless of the fact that this disease attacks exclusively the coronary arteries, it can occur anywhere in the body.

When these “tubes” stiffen, they interrupt the circulation in the main organs, muscles, and tissues, which leads to the failure of the entire organ system, heart attack, stroke, and other serious consequences.


Many people with mild, initial forms of this disease are not even aware that they have it.

After a blockage occurs inside the arteries, the first symptoms are noticed. At the same time, the affected person is at high risk of having a heart attack or heart disorder.

These are the most common signs that indicate an advanced stage in the development of arteriosclerosis:

FEELING OF PRESSURE OR PAIN IN THE CHEST – The feeling of a stabbing in the chest area can be harmless, but it can also indicate a heart problem. Angina pectoris is a very cause for concern, and it can develop with the onset of arteriosclerosis.

elder man with chest pain

MUSCLE WEAKNESS – Represents the destruction of the muscles that are in charge of controlling movement. This symptom occurs almost imperceptibly and progresses slowly.

SPEECH DIFFICULTIES – Loss of speech power can also be associated with difficulty understanding speech. The patient often cannot find an adequate word to express himself as he wants and loses the usual vocabulary.

CONFUSION – Acute or chronic forms of mental confusion are often associated with poorly permeable arteries. It manifests itself in the form of loss of attention, disorientation, excitement, or lethargy.

BREATHING DIFFICULTY – Shortness of breath and suffocation are associated with an irregular heartbeat and extremely poor circulation. This symptom is especially pronounced when a person is exposed to great physical exertion.

The most effective natural remedies

1. Turmeric – It successfully reduces the intensity of all types of inflammation, even those that occur in the cardiovascular system. It is valuable in preventing the blockage of blood vessels, as well as the occurrence of heart attacks or strokes.

turmeric powder in wooden spoon

It also works great as a natural antibiotic.

Pour half a teaspoon of turmeric into a glass of warm milk. Take one dose each day.

2. Honey – A sweet and completely natural mixture, such as honey, is recommended for all patients who have a problem with heart and blood vessel diseases.

It has a therapeutic effect, which helps maintain the normal functioning of the heart muscle and other related organs.

Facilitates the pumping of blood through the body through the arteries.

Mix two tablespoons of honey with three teaspoons of cinnamon in 500ml of water. Drink this solution three times a day.

3. Lemon – This type of citrus fruit strengthens and softens the structure of arteries. It increases good cholesterol in the blood. It reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke caused mainly by arteriosclerosis.

Squeeze the juice of one fresh lemon in half a liter of lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Do not add sugar to the resulting juice.

4. Garlic – It has a beneficial effect on the body through many modes of action, and among the most important is the reduction of inflammation, cleansing of blood vessels, elimination of bacteria, and reduction of stress.


It stimulates circulation and prevents the formation of plaque inside the arteries. This is due to the oil found in garlic cloves.

Strain two cloves of garlic and mix them with a glass of milk or yogurt.

Drink this effective natural remedy daily.

5. Parsley – It keeps the blood vessels working properly and the whole cardiovascular system healthy. The vitamins and antioxidants found in this plant will regulate blood pressure and remove thickening from the inner walls of the arteries, which originate from the deposition of bad cholesterol.

If you use heart medication as part of regular therapy, consult a doctor before treating the primrose.

Pour 30 g of chopped primrose leaves into 1 liter of boiling water.

Let stand 10 minutes, strain and drink three times a day before each main meal.

beets6. Beets – It is perfect for maintaining normal heart function and blood flow through blood vessels. The red juice, which is made from this plant, has been shown to be successful in treating arteriosclerosis.

It acts as a natural solvent for inorganic calcium deposits, which keeps the arteries clean and passable.

Put 1 kg of beets, 500 g of carrots, juice of one lemon, three oranges, two apples, and 800 g of honey in a blender.

Allow all ingredients to combine into a compact paste. Pour the drink into sterilized glass bottles.

This amount is enough for the next three weeks. Drink one glass every day.

Changes in diet

Eat foods that are a source of healthy fats

Not all types of fat are bad. On the contrary, some of them will help you successfully fight against inflammation, which is one of the main causes of various diseases.

Since inflammation is known to further encourage the development of arteriosclerosis, unsaturated fatty acids should be in the food that will be on your daily menu.

They are also excellent for the prevention of all types of cardiovascular diseases.

Try stick to a Mediterranean diet and you will clear your arteries very quickly. The most important sources of healthy lipids are avocados, marine oily fish, olive oil, and flaxseed.

Increase fiber intake

fiber food

Based on easily digestible, fibrous foods. They successfully maintain healthy heart function and normal circulation, reducing high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

Fiber binds directly to the accumulated cholesterol and expels it from the body.

The arteries will soon be more passable and will return to their old shape. In this way, you will also regulate the level of blood pressure.

Foods high in fiber include fresh fruits and vegetables and grains.

Useful supplements

OMEGA-3 – People who already suffer from some heart disease and impaired circulation, should look for appropriate supplements based on omega-3 fatty acids in pharmacies or health food stores. The daily intake of the omega-3 group ranges from 1-4 g per day, depending on the product itself and the manufacturer’s instructions. Look for fish oil, which is rich in this type of unsaturated fatty acids.

COENZYME Q10 – Successfully protects cells from the effects of free radicals thanks to its strong antioxidant properties. The heart muscle, which is poorly functioning, will soon recover by using supplements based on this element. The usual daily dose for adults is 30-90mg.

MAGNESIUM – helps muscles relax and balance the level of minerals in the body. Magnesium deficiency is associated with endothelial function, which encourages the development of arteriosclerosis. You can ingest it through effervescent tablets.

Lifestyle adjustments

Exercise regularly

senior couple exercising together

This way you will keep your body weight under control, and thus reduce the bad cholesterol that is deposited in the arteries and is responsible for changing their structure.

Combined with a proper diet, set aside 30 minutes a day for physical activity.

Exercise can last shorter if it is more intense or longer if it is characterized by a light pace and there is no excessive fatigue.

Whatever you decide, it is advisable to give up long sitting and lying down and to exercise daily instead.

You will reduce the symptoms of arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Regulate stress

The fact is that stress has a very negative effect on the heart and circulation. It increases the chance of a heart attack, due to excessive activity of the part of the brain called the amygdala.

It is crucial for every adult to learn how to cope with stress, relax, and common sense approach to solving emotional and psychological problems. Anger, lack of sleep, depression, and anxiety also raise the level of hormones that stimulate inflammation and endanger the work of the heart.

Try yoga, meditation, and massage with the use of essential oils.

Treat yourself on time

If you do not regularly monitor the work of your cardiovascular system, you are directly endangering your life. You encourage the development of dangerous diseases, such as arteriosclerosis, which are accompanied by painful symptoms.

With natural methods of treatment, you will restore elasticity to all arteries and normalize blood circulation. Successful prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis, which is in the early phase of development, are of the greatest importance for prolonging life and achieving longevity.

That’s it!

We hope this post helped you learn what is coronary atherosclerosis, what causes it as well as its symptoms, and of course, natural remedies and other tips.

We think that it will be very interesting and important for you to look at our texts about what are the risk factors for coronary heart disease, as well as what is atherosclerotic disease.

And if you are looking for more ways to improve your heart health, you should check our other great Majota Blog posts.

Also, if you have any questions or feel that there is some other important symptom, the remedy, or treatment for atherosclerosis we have not listed, feel free to leave a comment, it will mean a lot to us and we will be grateful for it.

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  1. Very informative article. I do not know much about the human body so it is always good to learn about the human body. Are there any ways where you can avoid this illness? I want to live a long and healthy life and I will do anything to ensure that. 

    1. Hello Daniel.

      First of all, thank you for the positive comment and interest. You are right, the most important thing, and that is also our motto, is to be aware and familiar at all times with the condition and health of our heart and brain, and the body in general.
      Yes, of course, you can avoid this disease, and the best thing in disease prevention is, of course, a healthy life and healthy habits, about which you have some great articles on our site in the Blog section. For example text “What are the risk factors for coronary heart disease?” is very informative about your interest. Also, I have to recommend you a great text on how to save your heart, whose title is “How to save your heart – key tips”.
      Thank you once again for your comment and interest, we cordially greet you and wish you all the best.

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